Cat Lady Cool: The Launch of EVERY DAY IS CATURDAY

You might call 2017 “The Year of the Cat” because cats are popping up everywhere. Whether in fashion, Hollywood, or dog shows, cats are a growing trend.

cat fashion gucci 2017 cats in style cat accessories
Gucci 2017 Resort Collection. Photo: Yannis Vlamos /

Gucci’s 2017 Resort Collection is covered with cats (rainbow sweaters with heavenly golden rays permeating out of a striped tabby), following in the paw prints of Marc Jacobs 2017 Resort Collection, Loewe’s Fall 2016 Collection, and Stella McCartney’s Autumn 2016 Collection, even Vogue announced cats are the latest trend to emerge on the runway.

fashion cat accessories cat style cat pattern cat design
Stella McCartney Pre-Fall 2016. Photos: Stella McCartney

What’s the best gift Lena Dunham could give her bestie Taylor Swift for her birthday? A cat necklace, proving cat jewelry is the perfect gift for your cat-obsessed friend. Check Taylor Swift’s Instagram for more proof cats are in.

Lena Dunham Taylor Swift perfect gift cat necklaceMeredith in all her glory.

Last month, the 2017 Westminster Dog Show pounced on the trend, including cats in the “Meet the Breed” portion of the show.

We know you love cats and we love them too! That's why we launched EVERY DAY IS CATURDAY, a cat-inspired jewelry company, to help you share your love of cats. Unlike the many tacky, frumpy options scattered across pet websites (or that your Mom bought you as a child),  the company is the first lifestyle cat jewelry site  focused on modern, tasteful jewelry that women can be proud to wear or give as gifts to their friends. In honor of its launch, the site is giving 20% off the entire collection throughout March using the code: LAUNCH.

cat paw cat jewelry discount cat necklace marble

“There is no longer a stigma around being a huge fan of cats,” says founder Kristen Van Nest, who comes from the beauty industry,  “Many people have Instagram accounts for their cats and even celebrities gush openly about their cats. Most of the cat accessories and gift options out there are tacky and cheap. We want to provide jewelry that is on-trend for modern women that they are proud to wear or give to  their cat-loving friends.” Committed to helping our furry friends, the company also gives a portion of proceeds to cat charities.