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We are about having fun, knowing what we love, and being confident in who we are.

Like most of you, we've long had to choose between tacky and cheap cat jewelry that downgrades our whole look and old-fashioned and ornamental versions that don't fit into our modern lifestyle. We knew there had to be something better, so we created EVERY DAY IS CATURDAY as a return to the essential: jewelry that we wear with pride.

By selling directly to you online, we're able to offer more affordable prices for curated, timeless pieces that make you look meowvelous.


Check back frequently as we are forever adding new classic pieces to our collection.



There are so many homeless cats out there looking for loving homes. We are committed to helping these loving animals find forever homes, where they can share their love and affection and receive the same in return. A portion of proceeds go to cat charities.




No minimum order! 



We take quality very seriously. We have a very close relationship with our partners and designers and do frequent quality control checks. We offer refunds and returns. If you have any issues, please contact us!



female founder snowshoe foster cat white paws cat ring cat earringKristen is a cat lover and advocate who, in her spare time, helps stray cats find homes. Her personal and foster experience has shown her how much happiness and joy cats bring their families. This inspired her to find accessories that remind their wearers of the love and joy cats bring into their lives.


Adopted Rescue Foster Kitten Cat Ginger Marble Bengal Found in the undercarriage of a taxi, it took ten people and a car jack to rescue Nala as a kitten. Now she is a kittern and meowdel at EVERY DAY IS CATURDAY!  She's also quite the celebrity on our Instagram (the fame is getting to her head). Nala likes climbing and prefers silver. She's also an adventure cat in training.

gold bengal cat whiskers green eyesPosie the Bengal is a natural born meowdel and enjoys this role immensely. Posie loves playing fetch and prefers gold and all things bling bling.


Don't worry, all meowdels are heavily compensated with cat treats.